Douglas E. Castle

About business consulting Douglas E Castle : Ensuring that a business expands as effectively as possible is a very important thing for any company owner to think about and knowing the right way to do so can make a lot of difference. The financial position of an organization will say a lot for the way […]

Obama tax reform overture grabs K Street’s attention

From: Getty Images By Bernie Becker – 10/08/14 06:00 AM EDT K Street has a message for President Obama when it comes to tax reform: Talk is cheap. Senior White House officials have started making overtures about a deal to revamp the tax system for businesses next year, arguing it’s one area where there is common ground with […]

Can Congress Pass Tax Reform That Would Stop Inversions? – Tax Reform AT Partnerships For Wealth

From: Conservatives correctly point out that proposals to stop inversions from the Obama administration and Democrats in the House and Senate are only stopgap measures—a mere Band-Aid. If Congress were to tighten the anti-inversion rules first enacted in 2004 and further increase the foreign ownership requirements for mergers that move American businesses’ corporate legal residence outside of the United States, […]

Global tax reform top of the agenda for G20 finance ministers this weekend

By Gareth Hutchens From: The world’s most powerful central bank governors and finance ministers gather in Cairns this weekend for a series of highly charged economic meetings – one of their last chances to discuss as a group the problems afflicting the global economy before the all-important G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane in November. Treasurer Joe Hockey has been […]

Why we will follow NZ on tax reform

By ALAN MITCHELL From: Alan Mitchell | John Howard is not alone in thinking Tony Abbott should be able to emulate John Key’s impressive combination of economic reform and political success. Read More here