Tax Tips when Applying for a Partner Visa in Australia

Tax Tips when Applying for a Partner Visa in Australia

As of 2016, there are two types of partner visa available to apply for within Australia. There are a variety of criteria that an applicant will be expected to meet and if they are unable to do so, then they may find that their application is rejected. For those in the process of applying, it’s important to note that ensuring that all documents and data are properly prepared can mean the difference between a successful process and a rejected one.

Here are a few tips to help to maximise the chances of being approved for a visa.

Tip One – Download a document checklist

The best way to keep on top of the documents required during an application is by making sure that they are properly arranged and prepared. Document checklists can help with this process and they are highly recommended by immigration lawyers and approval authorities alike. When applying from abroad, it’s easy to overlook a particular piece of paperwork and this can slow an application down – so a checklist can be very beneficial.

Tip Two – Hire the services of an immigration expert

Lawyers and immigration specialists are always on hand to offer advice and guidance. Furthermore, a reputable agent will be able to deal with the submission of documents, as well as handling any correspondence from the Australian Department of Immigration. Studies have shown that taking on the services of an immigration lawyer can increase the chances of success by several times – and having a professional in the country of application can offer its own benefits.

Tip Three – Allow plenty of time before planning to travel

Australia offers a variety of visas to visitors and those hoping to obtain permanent residence. When applying for a relationship visa, it’s a good idea to leave at least 6 months for the application to be sufficiently processed. This can also cater to any delays that may arise from applying abroad, as well as any further evidentiary documentation that may be required as the application is progressed.

It is possible to apply for several visas simultaneously and this can be particularly beneficial for those hoping to remain present within the country for more than a few weeks. Many applicants will bring their documentation with them during this temporary stay, which can help to ensure that evidence can be submitted when necessary.

Additionally, being present can help when it comes time to signing paperwork, as well as being on hand should a citizenship test be required. This won’t be the case with temporary visas – but for those hoping to stay on permanently once approved, it makes a lot more sense to be within travelling distance from a local testing facility.