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Bobcat Finance from ELO What Types of Heavy Machinery Can Loans Help With?

Whether a business has been active for years, or if it’s brand new to its particular industry and could do with the assistance of advanced equipment and utilities – it’s well known that these expenses can be quite substantial. Fortunately, lenders and banks are always open to offering loans for heavy equipment and machinery. But which types of vehicles do these loans extend to exactly?


Considered a staple resource within the construction industry, not to mention being a vital presence on farms, in factories and within a host of other premises; bobcats are one of the most effective vehicles available. As beneficial as they can be, they are also very expensive and a good model can set a company back tens’ of thousands of dollars. Taking out a loan can help to minimise this expense as the organisation will be able to purchase the utility, whilst paying the cost back over a set period of time.


Forklift trucks are another very versatile asset to a factory, shop floor, or construction site. Their main advantage relates to their interchangeable attachments; each of which can make easy work of their particular construction tasks. As with the above vehicle, these trucks can be expensive and will require a substantial amount of cash to purchase outright. Once again, taking out a loan will help to ‘lighten the load’ as a company will be able to pay back over time, whilst enjoying the benefits of their truck immediately after purchase.

General transport vehicles

Trucks, vans and other transport vehicles are a staple presence within most business premises and although fairly traditional in their features, this doesn’t make them any less of a necessity in an ever-changing technological world. Depending on the make and model in question prices will vary, but it’s pretty safe to assume that a good vehicle will be worth at least $10,000. By taking out a loan, the purchase of the vehicle will be covered, plus any extra borrowed can go towards any additional expenses that may crop up unexpectedly.


One of the largest types of heavy equipment that can be borrowed are cranes. These huge structures are typically used in the construction industry and can cost a small fortune. As they are such a big expense, many developers and contractors opt to hire them, but there are just as many that will take out a loan in order to pay for one. Once purchased, there’s no restriction on how often the crane can be used and it can even be loaned out to other construction companies – even while the original owner is still in the process of repaying the loan.

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